We are at Istanbul Hardware Fair.

27-30th October 2021 5. International Istanbul Hardware Fair. Hall:9 Stand: B10 Istanbul Expo Center / Turkey. We are waiting for you too.
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Yıldex is Turkey's leading paint materials and construction materials producers. Yıldex offers quality innovative solutions in oil paint brushes, roller brushes, flat brushes, car wash brushes and various sample brushes.

YILDƎX Roller Brushes

Whether it is interior or exterior paint, you need a brush or roller brush to apply any paint. Yildex roller brushes give the best result with the 1st quality product range.
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YILDƎX Flat Brushes

For a flawless finish, you need a good flat brush. If you are painting your walls and ceiling in two different colors, you will have to make a 'cut' in the corners. For best results, use Yildex shortcut brushes.
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YILDƎX Oil Paint Brushes

It is a brush type specially prepared for oil painting. It is not affected by solvent, it is long lasting and does not leave hair. It is easy to clean with thinner and easy to apply thanks to the wooden ergonomic handle.
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YILDƎX Robot (Angled) Brushes

180 degree mobility, brushless robot brush that allows you to work in areas that are hard to reach by attaching a pole.
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